LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms for business professionals. It has become a reliable and efficient resource throughout the years, from building a network to landing their next great job. Among its many beautiful features, the LinkedIn recommendation is a significant one.

There were a time recruiters would ask for a cover letter and a recommendation letter attached to your resume. But now, going through your LinkedIn profile, they can get all the information they need.

What is a LinkedIn Recommendation:

A recommendation is an action of recommending something or someone. It aims to share opinions and point out personal characteristics that make people good at what they do. LinkedIn recommendations can open doors and help people achieve personal and professional goals. It’s similar to real-life recommendations where your connections recommend you for particular skills as your field of expertise since they have had an experience working with you.

How to write a LinkedIn recommendation:

Most of us have working experience with great colleagues, bosses, and employees who we’d be happy to recommend on LinkedIn if asked.

The problem is that sitting down and writing said recommendation always takes more time than you think. What could be written to make your contact stand out but still sound genuine? Should you describe every unique skill this person has—or keep it short and sweet?

Here are a few tips about writing a recommendation that you may find helpful in 2022.

Start with a Knockout statement:

For any quality writing, you do want to start it with something that immediately catches the audience’s attention. The same thing works for LinkedIn recommendations, and the first line shows how amazing that person is in a single phrase.

Brief out your relationship:

The second thing you need to add is the relationship between you and that person. Brief out how you know him and make sure that the reader understands why you are qualified to give a recommendation. Again, as LinkedIn will show both of your company names, no need to add too much information.

Share their exceptional traits:

This is the most important one. Of course, when you are convinced to recommend someone, it is definitely because that person has shown great credibility before you. Now, all those qualities that make that person stand out from the crowd must be mentioned in your recommendation with brief and precise words. Make sure you are not comparing him with anyone and using convincing words just to the point.

Say something about their personality:

Now at this point, you have to be honest. Explain their personality with a few words. But here is a trick. Don’t say directly that they are this or that. Instead, try to craft out your words. Say it so that the viewer understands how much of a team player that person was.

Add a strong recommendation line at the end:

Seal your recommendation with a final recommendation line. Make sure your words are precise. You don’t have to bother much. Just keep it simple, genuine, and concise.

Writing an excellent recommendation is not easy. But I guess the effort is worth it for the people who deserve it. Therefore, do recommend your people on LinkedIn and help them grow.

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