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Best Lead Magnet Examples with 9.6% CTR

A lead magnet is a business incentive that offers potential customers something valuable in exchange for their contact information, helping businesses generate leads and build their email lists. The best lead magnet example has a click-through rate of 9.6%.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

Lead magnets, a much-coveted technique in digital marketing, are essentially free offerings that serve as a captivating enticement for prospects to provide their contact information. And it’s no secret that this information is gold for businesses looking to expand their reach and convert leads into loyal customers.

Why are lead magnets effective? They educate and establish trust. When a prospect encounters a lead magnet on a website, they have a chance to learn, understand the business, and connect with the brand.

After downloading the incentive offer, the possibilities are endless. With the prospect’s contact information, businesses can add them to targeted email nurture sequences, nurturing the relationship and guiding the prospect down the sales funnel with well-placed calls-to-action.

See The Hoth’s website pop-up for a lead magnet example in action. They use it to gather contact info and educate and engage their target audience.

The Hoth is a bustling hub of digital activity, attracting a throng of individuals daily in search of valuable resources. These individuals are driven by the allure of downloading lead magnets, offerings that promise to convert them into lucrative clients through the power of booked calls.

Over the course of the past three months, the most impressive pop-up created by Cleverly has been downloaded a staggering 425 times, boasting an impressive click-through rate of 9.6%. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the enduring success of this particular pop-up, which has been a staple in the Hoth’s arsenal for over a year.

Our Best Lead Magnet PDF Download Example & Exact Steps

Creating Your Own Incentive Offer: A Guide to Unrivaled Success

Lead magnets have become a crucial tool in the digital marketing world, enabling businesses to attract and engage potential customers. This guide provides a step-by-step process for creating an irresistible incentive offer that drives conversions and helps grow your business.

STEP 1: Craft a Super Valuable Giveaway

To create an effective lead magnet, offer something of high value that people can’t resist. This can be a guide, report, toolkit, free trial, video training, or quiz that’s ultra-specific and solves a relevant problem. Use the “8-point Lead Magnet Checklist” from DigitalMarketer as a guide to craft a winning lead magnet with a high perceived value.

STEP 2: Set Up a Pop-Up on Getsitecontrol.com or OptinMonster

You must create a pop-up that triggers exit intent to capture leads effectively. This means that when visitors are about to leave your website, they’ll be prompted with a pop-up that offers your lead magnet.

Getsitecontrol.com and OptinMonster are two popular options for setting up pop-ups. They are easy to use and provide various customization options to suit your needs.

STEP 3: Automate Follow-Ups with Email

After a visitor downloads your incentive, following up with them is vital. Email automation enables you to send pre-written messages at set intervals.

ActiveCampaign is a great tool for email automation, and it integrates seamlessly with both Getsitecontrol.com and OptinMonster. Keep your emails short, sweet, and concise when following up with your leads. Offer additional freebies or complementary pieces, but avoid hard pitches.

STEP 4: Test and Iterate

Discover a winning offer that drives conversions through experimentation. Fearlessly test and iterate for a CTR of 3% or higher. Maximize impact by prioritizing subject matter experts over junior staff for copywriting.

With a successful incentive offer, you can expand your business and convert cold traffic through paid ads. Don’t limit yourself to one; consider developing multiple offers to serve various segments of your target audience.

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