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How To Make LinkedIn Post Zesty?

How To Make LinkedIn Post Zesty?

Publishing post on LinkedIn is a commanding tool. It connects and forges relationships between prospects who are hard to reach.

But the question remains! Are we playing LinkedIn perfectly?

Publishing content on LinkedIn is only 30% of the battle won. The remaining 70% depends on your ability to hook readers and compel them to action.

But users tend more towards the posts of influential people.

Therefore, making content stick out from the overwhelming crowd is arduous. The good news is, it’s nothing impossible. With a few tricks and tips, you are all set to wage your own LinkedIn battle.

Let’s begin!

Create Compelling Headlines for Linkedin Post:

Fuel the content with a protruding headline. Integrate words like successful, leader, lead, mistakes, etc., in the title. Stick to 40-49 characters.

Lower the reading level:

Content carrying simple words and short sentences are herculean weapons of LinkedIn. So use straightforward languages with elementary wordstock.

Don’t shy away from long-form content:

Users here savor long-form content. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A piece with 1000 words bags an average share of 6,439.

Prop the content with a CTA:

So the content was great! Readers enjoyed it. But to pass the next step, it needs a CTA. Be it subscribing to a newsletter or signing up for a campaign, invite readers.

Have quality visuals:

We will let you in with a secret! It’s not always about the words on LinkedIn. It’s also about using quality visuals for a dazzling outlook.

Some Facts:

  • 1 to 300 characters have -a 20% reach
  • 300-1200 characters have -a 10% reach
  • 1200-2000 characters have the optimal reach
  • Optimal post length: 1470
  • Bold, italic doesn’t impact the reach
  • Emojis do not affect the post

This is all you need to know about making your LinkedIn post engaging and energetic! Wouldn’t it be amusing to escalate your post reach? Learn More.

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