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LinkedIn Audio Events

LinkedIn Audio Events

LinkedIn Audio Events offer a unique opportunity for virtual networking, allowing professionals to host and participate in virtual audio-only discussions. With remote work on the rise, Audio Events are more important than ever in expanding professional networks. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of LinkedIn Audio Events, from how to use them to their advantages.

Conversations with your community in real-time

Unleash LinkedIn Audio: A fresh event format for open idea-sharing and community building. Engage with your audience, cultivate meaningful relationships, and unlock new possibilities as a creator through hosting Audio Events.”

Learn all about LinkedIn Audio Events

This guide will provide you with a step-by-step overview of Audio Events, ensuring you understand the following:

  • Setting up a LinkedIn Audio Event: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Promoting Your Audio Event: Tips to Boost Participation
  • Best Practices for Planning, Hosting, and Following Up on Your Audio Event
  • Audio Event Topics: Ideas for Engaging Discussions on LinkedIn

How to set up an Audio Event

Setting up a LinkedIn Audio Event is a breeze, much like any other event. You can access it from your desktop or mobile device (make sure to have the latest version of the LinkedIn app for optimal functionality).

To create an Audio Event on LinkedIn, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Event content tool.
  2. Click on the dropdown bar for Event Format and choose “Audio Event.”
  3. Choose a suitable time and complete all mandatory fields
  4. Click on “Post” to publish the Audio Event.

When you create a LinkedIn Audio event, a single post will be shared automatically, appearing in your followers’ feeds like any other post. This helps to increase exposure for your event and generate more awareness.

One expert tip is to: To broaden the reach of your broadcast beyond your followers, it’s important to include relevant hashtags such as #LinkedInAudioEvent in your description.

Boost participation by promoting your event before it starts

After setting up your event, take note of these tips to advertise and market your event effectively:

Invite connections to your event

1. Invite your own connections

After setting up your event, click “Invite Connections” on the event page to send an invitation that will be displayed in your followers’ notifications tab.

2. Increase your audience by adding speakers.

To generate interest and increase attendance for your event, share the event page on your various channels, along with the event’s date and time. Encourage members to RSVP to receive notifications and add them to their calendars. You can do this before the event to create anticipation or to invite followers to collaborate on the event’s content.

3. Allow your attendees ample time to RSVP

Regarding LinkedIn Audio events, it’s important to set up your event 7-10 days ahead of time to maximize attendance. This gives you enough time to promote the event and your followers enough time to make plans and RSVP. Remember that your followers have busy schedules, so providing ample notice is crucial.

Promote your event to increase awareness

1. Share information about your event on your various channels

To create anticipation and increase attendance for your event, share details about the date and time on your various channels. Encourage members to RSVP to receive notifications and add them to their calendars. You can also invite followers to collaborate on the content of the event. It’s important to post about your event in advance to generate buzz. Don’t forget to share the event link again as the event day approaches.

2. Make use of your LinkedIn profile

Consider adding your event link to your LinkedIn profile to effectively promote your event and provide interested connections with a convenient access point.

A valuable tip to remember is to maintain the attendees’ interest and encourage last-minute RSVPs. Create a post that teases the content of your event and includes the event link. This can be done on the day before your event.

Best practices to make each Audio Event a success

Make sure to allocate at least 15 minutes for your event

We suggest scheduling your Audio Event for a minimum of 15 minutes. This will allow your attendees sufficient time to join, settle in, and provide ample time for questions. If events are too brief, members may not have enough time to participate or contribute.

Engage live with your network

You can quickly follow any attendees during the event by tapping on their profile picture. Additionally, you can initiate a conversation with them by sending a direct message.

Allow attendees to participate in the conversation

To enable attendees to participate in the conversation, you must bring them “onstage.” Simply click on the prompt at the top of your event and select the person who raised their hand. Once they are onstage, they can mute and unmute themselves as needed.

Be flexible and adaptable

Respond to the situation in real-time if any unplanned event occurs during your Audio Event. Since Audio Events are designed to have a more relaxed atmosphere, attendees will appreciate the genuineness of your response.

Encourage interaction

To encourage participation and engagement in your LinkedIn Audio Event, begin by emphasizing interaction. Prompt attendees with questions to foster engagement. Remember that this is a conversation, not just a one-way broadcast.

Encourage the use of emojis 😊

You can suggest attendees use emojis to add a fun element to the conversation or ask them to use emojis to communicate with you, such as indicating if they can hear you clearly.

Take charge of the space

Remember to treat your event attendees as if they are in the same room as you because they are virtual. It’s important to moderate the conversation by responding when necessary and report any members acting inappropriately by tapping their profile picture.

Getting started with LinkedIn Audio Events

Planning your content strategy can enhance engagement and keep the conversation going during your Audio Event. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Audio Event thought starters


Real-time conversations with Q&As and AMAs can be hosted to answer questions. You can invite industry experts, thought leaders, or other creators to join, which can combine the power of your networks and help you to increase your audience.


Create a LinkedIn Audio platform for discussing significant speeches, conferences, LinkedIn Live sessions, podcasts, and any other events you and your followers are passionate about.

Cultural moments

Initiate discussions and interact with your followers on popular cultural trends and events. Consider planning a series of events to stay updated on the constantly changing trends.

Events for celebrating

Audiences enjoy being part of celebrations such as milestones and exciting announcements. Therefore, invite your community to join the party and express your gratitude.

One useful tip: To effectively express your distinct perspective, it is important to remain authentic and share your expertise.


LinkedIn Audio Events offer a unique virtual networking experience, allowing professionals to participate in audio-only discussions. Audio Events are becoming increasingly important in today’s remote work environment. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to use Audio Events and their advantages.

Audio Events offer a more intimate and authentic networking experience than traditional virtual networking options. They allow them to focus solely on the conversation and connect more authentically with others. LinkedIn is constantly innovating, and Audio Events are just one of many features professionals can use to expand their networks.

If you want to expand your professional network and engage in more meaningful conversations, try hosting or participating in a LinkedIn Audio Event. They offer a unique opportunity to connect with other professionals and share your knowledge and insights in a more engaging way. So why not give it a try?

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