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Linkedin Top 5 Sales Navigator Alternatives 2021

Linkedin Top 5 Sales Navigator Alternatives 2021

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s premium service, often referred to as the best version of LinkedIn for sales professionals. In like manner, it provides tools that allow them to connect to CRMs and conduct advanced searches. If you have ever heard the term “Social Selling,” it will be more understandable to you. Don’t worry; this is no rocket science; social selling is basically how businesses use online social media for sales purposes. And Sales Navigator by LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools allowing business owners to conduct their research, networking, communication, and sales on this platform. Sales Navigator is mainly designed to be a centerpiece. Including it is a fixture for modern B2B sales teams, integrating with other sales technologies, such as CRMs, to provide a foundation of trusted, reliable, real-time data. 

Sadly, the LinkedIn sales navigator extension was shut down in March 2020, and since then, many companies have been trying out ways to make an alternative to that extension. Following that, till the end of 2021, developers have already introduced us to some great extensions that produce the sales navigator job really easy. So, based on customer review and overall costing, here are the top 5 alternatives of sales navigators you might like.

Email Finder by Snov.io

This user-friendly email finder has an inbuilt verifier, drip campaigns, and many other free tools. Not to mention, Snov.io Email Finder for Chrome helps you find your prospective leads’ emails, put them into the mailing lists to get replies, and generate leads automatically.


Wiza allows you to export any search into an email list, which saves time while setting up campaigns. Comparatively, its performance is time-efficient, and its packages are budget-friendly.

Grow Me Organic

Well, Grow Me Organic is a recently established email finder and sales automation platform that has already caught public attention with its outstanding marketing. To be honest, what they are claiming is not wrong. Likely, the packages are pretty much cost-efficient, and they are offering a free trial as well. To add more, their updated features are more precise to what you need and provide a user-friendly interface.

Octopus – All-in-One LinkedIn Automation

Octopus, the profile visitor and social selling tool, is perfect for sales professionals, marketing experts, and recruiters. Surprisingly, it works like an autopilot for LinkedIn. Octopus allows you to
– auto-connect
– send automated messages
– auto-endorse skills of your contacts
– visit hundreds of profiles a day
– get access to your CRM page
– build campaigns
– and even create your marketing funnel
Thankfully, the extension is compatible with LinkedIn Free, Sales Navigator, Premium, and Recruiter lite accounts.


This is a platform where customers are provided with accurate visibility into their deals, buyers, and teams. Notably, this engagement and intelligence platform have already impacted some of their renowned clients, like Zoom or Adobe.


Certainly, you may find some other companies providing similar services, but to be honest, except for the recent ones, many other companies have stopped bringing updates to their services. Hence, before purchasing from any random company, please do some research and look for reviews.

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