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How To Get New Clients Fast: Our Proven 6-Step Method

Welcome! Getting new clients is crucial for business growth, but not always easy. Our 6-step method shows how to attract, convert and retain clients fast. We’ll give you tips to implement each step and increase revenue successfully. Join us to learn how to get new clients fast.

How To Get New Clients FAST: A 6-Step Proven Framework

‍Step 1: The search for the best clients begins with a list of 100 companies that closely resemble your ideal customer base. From this pool of prospects, the task is to narrow it down to the top 12. But before doing that, you must understand what makes a “perfect” client for your business. The strategy here is to target companies that align with your products or services and share common ground with you.

This could mean finding local prospects, leveraging your college network, or targeting individuals with similar interests or affiliations. By starting with these ideal prospects, you’ll have a strong foundation to build upon and establish a relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Step 2: Once you’ve identified your target companies, it’s time to gather their contact information, including their address, email, and key decision-makers.

Step 3: Show your potential clients that you’re invested in their success by sending them a free copy of “The Alchemist” on Amazon, along with a personalized note to spark their interest.

Step 4: Take the extra step of hand-writing thank you notes to each of your prospects, utilizing the services of Handwrytten to simplify the process for you.

Step 5: Follow up with each prospect through both email and LinkedIn, emphasizing that you can deliver the same results as your best clients.

Step 6: Of the 12 prospects, four may choose to schedule a demo with you, and two may even close as paying customers.


Creating a compact roster of key accounts with the greatest potential for a successful closure is vital. These accounts should consist of businesses that resemble your most profitable clients, referral partners that possess a compelling drive to direct business your way, and niches in which you possess a wealth of experience, allowing you to establish a positive relationship quickly.

Focusing your efforts on these high-priority accounts can bring your vision of ideal clients to fruition. Pursue them with unwavering determination, and watch as your efforts translate into tangible success.

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