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Why a LinkedIn Account is Necessary in Today's Job Market?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network , with over one billion users. 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. In today’s competitive job market, a strong online presence is crucial. A candidate with a well-optimized LinkedIn profile stands out among other candidates.

Professional Networking

Connect with industry professionals, potential employers, and like-minded peers.

Job Opportunities

Can easily find local or global jobs On LinkedIn and apply for that position.

Personal Branding

Showcase your skills, experiences, and accomplishments to stand out in the job market.

Why You Should Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile?

Having a LinkedIn account isn’t enough. You need to optimize your profile to significantly enhance your chances of getting noticed by employers.

Better Profile Visibility

If you’ve a optimized profile, it appears higher in search results, increasing your visibility to recruiters.

Professional Appeal

A well-crafted profile highlights your skills and makes a compelling case for your candidacy.

Effective Networking

Attract more relevant connections and opportunities by presenting a clear and professional image.

Is the Prospect Engine Sales Apprenticeship Program right for you?

Are you a third or fourth-year business student eager to excel in digital sales? Then, register today for our program!

We’ll select only 20 applicants for our first cohort of the Prospect Engine one-year Sales Apprenticeship Program, so apply fast to secure your spot! Last Date to Apply: 07 July & Programme Starts From: 14 July, 2024

Why You Should Join Our Prospect Engine Sales Apprenticeship Program?

We’ll work together to fully prepare you so that you can enter the job market and land the sales job of your choice after completing your studies using the LinkedIn platform. How?

1. Generating Sales Using Digital Platforms

Over the next year, you will get the opportunity to learn how we generate sales for our clients in Europe as well as countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong in the South East Asia region.

2. Industry Experts Mentorship

We will conduct 12-14 classes, instructed by our lead generation and deal-closing experts, who will guide you through sharing real-life insights and sales theory.

3. A Well Optimized LinkedIn Profile

We will build your LinkedIn profile with connections, endorsements and regular activities over the next year so that you become the top choice for any sales related job after graduation.

4. Paid Internship Opportunities at Prospect Engine

We will offer paid internships to the 5-6 best performers from the students who participated in the program after its completion. As you complete the internship, you will have the opportunity to join our company as a full-time employee.

How Do We Benefit From Our Prospect Engine Sales Apprenticeship Program?

We also want some benefits for ourselves from our Sales Apprenticeship Program – and want to be completely transparent with those who will participate in our program:

1. Ready-to-Join Candidates for Prospect Engine

We’re looking for passionate and motivated freshers to join our team, ensuring a steady source of qualified candidates.

2. Market-Test for Our New Service

This program serves as a pilot for our upcoming LinkedIn Profile Optimization service.

3. Prospect Engine LinkedIn Outreach

As part of the program, we’ll conduct client outreach using the optimized LinkedIn profiles of participating students.

What does Prospect Engine do?

Prospect Engine is a leading B2B lead generation firm. We conduct market research, prospect research, LinkedIn and email outreach, and appointment scheduling to generate sales for our clients. Registered in New York, USA, with most of our operations team in Bangladesh, we have worked with over 140 companies in their business development over the last three years.
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