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How To Use LinkedIn Cold Outreach Like A Pro

How To Use LinkedIn Cold Outreach Like A Pro

If you’re seeking effective methods for LinkedIn cold outreach without coming across as spammy, you’re in the right place. This article will serve as a guide on how to perform cold emailing on LinkedIn. By following the key steps outlined here, you’ll be able to send invitation messages and InMails to potential contacts and establish meaningful relationships. So, let’s dive into the essential tips for successful LinkedIn cold outreach.

1. Enhance The Effectiveness of Your LinkedIn Profile

Having a strong LinkedIn profile will make you look more reputable and attract more connections. Your LinkedIn profile should reflect both your personality and your professional manner. Add some character, but keep it trustworthy. Therefore, let us ensure that it is optimized to dazzle before we begin communicating with your target audience.

  • Profile picture – It is the first thing that people will notice. Therefore, ensure they see your face (in high-quality resolution) and keep it stylish. Additionally, attempt to size your picture to 500×500 pixels.
  • Cover shot – You can never go wrong with a brand mentioned here. After all, LinkedIn is a professional social networking site that is used mainly for professional networking. The ideal measurements for LinkedIn cover pictures are 1584×396 pixels.
  • LinkedIn Headline – This is the icebreaker, the first words used to introduce oneself. Begin with your work title; that is what they are interested in. Then, add a dash of personality. Keep in mind that you are still a great human being, whether in or out of your workplace. Sprinkle it with a call to action, encouraging them to contact you if they require the sort of service you give. That is your lead magnet for LinkedIn.
  • About (you) – Provide background for your primary persona. What are your educational experience, your passion, and your strength? Don’t describe your whole life narrative; five sentences should be enough. And, as I previously said, let your personality shine through with your business abilities/achievements.
  • Recommendations – Always great to have some. They serve as references, so do not be afraid to ask others with whom you’ve partnered for one. They are worth the effort.

2. Increase Your Response Rate to Cold Messages by Targeting the Relevant People

Many cold LinkedIn outreach initiatives fail due to reaching out to the incorrect people. Not every potential prospect in your target sector will be a good match for your offer or be able to purchase your solution just yet, and that’s great. On the other hand, some are conscious of their need for a product, service, or software solution (that corresponds to yours) and would happily listen to your pitch. Those are your objectives. Make a rough sketch of your Ideal Customer Profile so you can discover and target them appropriately.

Understand your target market

Begin by writing down all you know about your ideal customer (based on your existing, most pleased clientele) to develop a profile of them, such as their hobbies, location, industry/niche, job title, and current work function in a company’s hierarchy (so you can target the decision-makers). This may seem like a lot of effort, but remember that your pool of perfect clients is not endless, and you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.

Once you’ve gathered all pertinent information about your desired prospect “type,” you can begin searching for outbound leads, commonly known as LinkedIn Prospecting. To access Advanced Lead Search, you must first purchase Sales Navigator. Otherwise, a standard LinkedIn search might be beneficial.

3. Segment Your Prospects to Ensure That Personalization Is Effective

Your ICP should reflect the features and attributes of your ideal consumer. When planning and producing cold outreach message templates for your LinkedIn campaign, you may refer to your various persona types (split into parts depending on their commonalities). You can contextualize your cold communications for prospective consumers and elicit a reaction because one cannot just send the same template to everyone and expect a favorable response. Therefore, choose who to target, how to reach them, and what specific goods, features, or services to offer them. To get at least a 50% response rate, you must devote effort to audience research, segmentation, and personalization.

4. Adhere To Linkedin’s Outreach Guidelines

Unless you pay LinkedIn for Sales Navigator or a Premium account (which includes LinkedIn InMail), you will not be able to communicate with another LinkedIn user directly. As a result, pick your alternatives carefully. With a free account, your LinkedIn sales prospecting is restricted to your current relationships. However, there is a technique for messaging someone if you are not linked on LinkedIn. But suppose you want to use the free version for the time being. In that case, it is sensible to begin interacting with individuals with many of the same characteristics as your ideal consumer profile.

8 FAQs & LinkedIn Rules for Outreach

We will be talking about solutions to the most frequently asked LinkedIn questions. You’ll also find information regarding the LinkedIn rules. These are very crucial to follow, otherwise, your account will get banned.

Can I instantly begin sending LinkedIn messages?

True and false. Yes, you may send messages immediately after creating your account and interacting with others. However, you should not immediately start trading; you should first warm up your account.

How can I get my LinkedIn account warmed up?

Begin slowly, with 10 connection requests/messages to new connections daily. I know you want to sign up for your favorite outreach tool and send 50 cold outreach letters daily. However, your LinkedIn account must be warmed up much like an email domain.

How many LinkedIn invitations am I allowed to send each day?

It depends on your LinkedIn engagement. We suggest no more than 50 per day, and to be safe, perform roughly 20 each day. To warm up your account, you should gradually increase the amount of time you spend on this. The number of your present contacts and the number of outstanding invites all play a role.

Can I make use of LinkedIn’s automation tools?

Absolutely! However, you must still abide by the regulations. LinkedIn does not like it when users send too many connection requests or messages; this will get your profile reported. You must also guarantee that the material is tailored enough for prospects to accept it; otherwise, this seems suspicious.

Can I send cold LinkedIn messages?

When engaging in cold outreach on LinkedIn, it’s essential to keep the level of personalization in mind. While you may be able to send out a high volume of messages, it’s important to avoid being too generic or repetitive. Consistently sending messages without response or being flagged as spam can lead to LinkedIn banning your profile. To prevent this from happening, it’s crucial to ensure that your communications are tailored to your prospects. By striking the right balance between personalization and volume, you can effectively engage with potential clients and partners on LinkedIn without running afoul of LinkedIn’s policies.

How many LinkedIn searches can I conduct?

There are no defined restrictions since it varies depending on your activities; however, here are some recent estimates: 30 searches per month for a new account or any account that hasn’t been warmed up, roughly 300 searches per month for a wholly warmed up account, and endless searches for premium or sales navigator accounts.

Is it worthwhile to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium?

Yes, if you’re going to be active and generate leads. Especially in the case of LinkedIn, where the premium fee is far lower than the advantage you get.

What does a premium LinkedIn account buy you?

You’ll have access to InMail and the opportunity to search more profiles, discover who is viewing your profile, and check more extensive profile data. Furthermore, you will have extra powers, whether a recruiter or a salesman, based on your plan.


Cold outreach via LinkedIn messaging may require some effort, but conducting thorough research can greatly increase your chances of eliciting responses. It’s important to remember that the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” does not apply to cold messages. To achieve the best results, trying new approaches and constantly experimenting with different messaging strategies is essential. By incorporating effective cold outreach tactics, you’ll be well on your way to successfully connecting with potential clients and partners on LinkedIn.

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