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Linkedin Ads: 8 Mistakes To Avoid

Linkedin Ads: 8 Mistakes To Avoid

Compared to rapidly developing sites like Facebook, the LinkedIn feed remained uncluttered. However, as other platforms have grown oversaturated with organic and sponsored postings from companies, many marketers are turning to LinkedIn to reach clients and consumers. LinkedIn advertising allows marketers and company owners to get their message before the individuals and decision-makers most likely to become consumers. LinkedIn Ads expenditure may reach $1.99 billion in 2022, a 54 percent raise over 2020. Increased cost indicates that more marketers are targeting LinkedIn’s 65+ million decision-makers. Increased activity and budgets imply that you have a greater chance of reaching your target consumer.
Today, we will discuss the most common pitfalls to avoid while running LinkedIn Ads campaigns. From ad creation to channel management, avoiding these eight errors will help your commercials succeed and provide the awareness and conversions necessary to meet your marketing objectives.

The Demographics of The Target Audience Is Vast.

With your audience, less is more. Determine the LinkedIn users most closely related to your goals based on a mix of Skills, Job Functions, and Job Titles. While LinkedIn has 750 million members, only a tiny percentage of them meet your marketing objectives; thus, it casts a narrower net to identify the most qualified prospects. Between 15,000 and 35,000 people is the perfect number for a specialized LinkedIn audience.

The option Enable Audience Expansion.

While LinkedIn claims this function would “connect you with individuals similar to your target audience,” our experience has shown that their network is way too extensive and does not match people similarly to your target audience. Consequently, advertising is delivered to persons who are not a good fit, resulting in wasted ad expenditure. We recommend disabling the audience expansion.

The Daily Budget Is Insufficient.

A successful campaign demands a daily budget of at least $75-$100 to get numerous clicks daily. The more daily clicks, the higher the conversion rate and the more marketing leads generated. Prepare to invest in getting the highest quality leads.

The Run Time Is Insufficient.

Allow your advertisements to run their course. Your advertisements should run for at least three weeks to be considered by LinkedIn’s algorithm to produce consistent placement, impressions, and interaction.

Insufficient Number of Advertisements.

To optimize your LinkedIn Ads campaign, make sure to include at least three related ads. This will prevent the frequency of your ads from decreasing and ensure that users see your ads regularly. LinkedIn limits the number of times an ad can be displayed to a user every 24 hours, so including multiple ads in your campaign increases the likelihood of your target audience seeing your ads daily.

Testing of Branded Vs. Non-Branded Ad Creative.

To optimize your LinkedIn Ads campaign, it’s essential to experiment with both branded and non-branded imagery. With hundreds of sponsored posts appearing daily, creating multiple ads with unique images can diversify your audience’s LinkedIn feed. While a branded image can increase awareness, a non-branded concept can seamlessly blend into the feed and generate more engagement.

There Is No Demographic Targeting.

The LinkedIn Campaign Manager gathers comprehensive interaction data from your LinkedIn Ads campaigns, including names, companies, job titles, and skills. Review these metrics bi-weekly and then monthly to determine who is engaging and if it aligns with your marketing goals. Make adjustments promptly within the campaign to ensure your advertising budget reaches the desired audience. Avoid displaying ads to the wrong audience.

Your Linkedin Company Page Lacks Organic Activity.

LinkedIn Ads may help you increase the number of followers on your corporate profile. Maintain the channel’s life by naturally posting a few times each week to nurture new and current fans. Take advantage of low-hanging fruit by automating your staff’s social updates.


Crafting effective LinkedIn Ads can be challenging, but knowing and avoiding common pitfalls can give you an edge. With LinkedIn’s advertising platform continuously evolving, staying up-to-date on changes is important to ensure your campaigns are fully optimized.

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