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LinkedIn Groups Or Pages: What Tactics Will Serve The Purpose?

inkedIn Groups Or Pages: What Tactics Will Serve The Purpose?

When it comes to marketing on LinkedIn, having a well-thought-out strategy plan is essential to achieving success. However, the effectiveness of your strategy ultimately depends on how well it aligns with your objectives. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of blindly following what others are doing without considering their own unique needs. A common example of this is the confusion between LinkedIn Pages and Groups. While both offer valuable ways for businesses and organizations to engage with their audience, they require different strategies to be effective. This article will discuss various tactics for maximizing your audience on LinkedIn Groups or Pages, ensuring that your efforts align with your objectives and drive the best results possible.

LinkedIn Company Page

Company Pages are the prime pathway for others to better know your business or organization. It’s more like a platform for posting press releases, job opportunities, industry news, behind-the-scenes photos, celebrating achievements, and links to a website or blog posts. The company page is like a company website within LinkedIn. It is for our employees and customers and showcases our employees, customers, services, products, and events. It also portrays our company voice and not individual voices. These are the prime strategies you need to adopt for your company page.

Optimize your company page

For search optimization, make sure you set a custom URL that people can remember easily. Your page text should include the exact industry terminology that expresses your expertise. It’s essential to have relevant keywords in the description of your LinkedIn Company Page so that people can find you easily.

Share insightful contents

Sharing relevant, timely, and helpful content is key to building relationships with B2B prospects whose sales cycles might go on for several quarters. The key to successful LinkedIn content is to post regularly. You can write a preview of what the article or content is about above the article link. Always remember that quality is better than quantity.

Engage with your followers

Actively interact with those who engage with your content. It shows users that you’re present on LinkedIn and cares about what they say. You can also ask for their opinions on specific issues or even ask questions to make more engagements.

Add a follow button to your website.

Add a button on your web pages that direct visitors to follow your company page. This will help people find more information about your business who are interested in it.

Share more infographics and video content.

70% of B2B decision-makers watch videos throughout the buyer’s journey. Video contents are great for capturing followers’ attention who frequently use mobile.

On the other hand, Infographics are 300% more likely to be shared on LinkedIn than any other form of content. Put some infographics on LinkedIn with a valuable information source, and let the viewers follow the breadcrumbs back to you.

Leverage your YouTube contents

If you have a Youtube channel, preview your LinkedIn Company Page links with video notes or ending credits. People who like your YouTube content will likely enjoy your LinkedIn content.

Promote your page to other social media

It is one of the easiest ways to gain more followers. Add your page link to your other social media to grow more audience.

LinkedIn Group

A LinkedIn Group is where we build a community where you are looking to engage with your audience through conversation fully. This is an area for people to talk about the topic that brought their group together, share articles, and ask questions. Your post and comment to your audience can post and reply to you, and others in the group can also comment on posts from other group members. The group is a discussion forum. It contains relevant topics for our target audience. You go for a group only when you want to drive interaction on issues that may seem necessary to your audience and inform them of important issues. Here are the prime strategies you need to adopt for proper marketing through LinkedIn groups.

Post Strategically

Just posting relevant content is not enough. For proper marketing of your business, you need to grab the viewers’ attention so that they get curious about your business. Also, be careful not to overpost. Don’t be the person flooding your groups with links every day. The group owner can share selected content with its members using recommended group posts. But, they are allowed to send only one recommendation every seven days. You want to make sure your content is valuable enough to be recommended. This is an excellent way for most group members to see your name and content.

Don’t share advertisements directly.

This is a huge mistake. People join LinkedIn groups to get relevant content, something that adds value. Directly posting advertisements is a big no here. You can instead tell them how your product adds value through your content indirectly.

Try to connect with more people in the comment section.

Make new connections in the group. Try to understand what they are more interested in. When you post something in their field of interest, mention them in the comment section. This little trick increases engagement a lot more than usual.

Offset your membership

You might know that LinkedIn’s regular version allows you to do a limited number of monthly searches. The premium version, in this case, provides a lot more opportunities. For a regular version user, groups may be an enormous opportunity to grow connections with people with similar interests.

Maintain Consistence

Not being regular is the biggest mistake a person can make in LinkedIn groups. Make a range of how much content you will post a month. You don’t have to post every day, but make sure all the marketing you have done doesn’t go in vain just because you stopped posting after some days. 

A LinkedIn Group isn’t an appropriate place for businesses to blast out with advertisements. It’s a channel to share content with those who may find it most valuable. This allows us to create higher engagement and more quality interactions. 

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional network. It allows us to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and glean insider expertise from established experts in the industry. Random marketing strategies won’t perform that well here. One must fix their objectives and play accordingly to get the best result out of them. It’s a valuable tool for every social marketing arsenal, so ensuring that not a single opportunity is getting missed is a must.

Final Thoughts

By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn Groups and Pages and the tactics that can help you succeed with each, you can make an informed decision about which feature is right for you. It’s important to consider your goals, target audience, and available resources when deciding which tactics to implement. Ultimately, with the right approach and consistent effort, LinkedIn Groups and Pages can be effective tools for building your brand and growing your business.

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