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10 Top LinkedIn Influencers to Follow Who Are Crushin’ It

10 Top LinkedIn Influencers to Follow Who Are Crushin’ It

When you hear the term “influencer marketing,” you might think of social media stars promoting products on Instagram or TikTok. But did you know LinkedIn influencers can also provide valuable insights and thought leadership for B2B organizations? While the platform is commonly associated with job recruitment and professional networking, it’s also a prime source for expert content and industry knowledge. In this article, we’ll explore the world of LinkedIn influencers and how they can help take your B2B marketing to the next level.

The impact of influencer marketing on LinkedIn is reflected in the statistics: A staggering 74% of B2B marketers claim that their customers have a more favorable experience thanks to influencer marketing, while 63% believe that B2B influencer marketing programs can dramatically enhance marketing success.

With a massive 800 million users, where can you locate the most influential LinkedIn figures? This article delves into the fascinating realm of LinkedIn influencer marketing – exploring what it is, why it matters, and providing a comprehensive list of the top LinkedIn influencers you simply cannot afford to ignore.

What Are LinkedIn Influencers?

The Internet is awash with the term “influencer,” yet LinkedIn influencers emerge as a remarkable power in the social media landscape, particularly in commerce. Unlike other platforms, such as Instagram or TikTok, that prioritize influencers, LinkedIn offers a professional networking arena where those who distinguish themselves are the visionaries, specialists, and pioneers of their respective industries.

Attaining popularity on LinkedIn goes beyond mere likes and followers. Rather, it represents a means to stimulate leads, shape a wider community’s opinions, and construct an unwavering reputation in your area of expertise.

Best Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn

As the LinkedIn community continues to expand, the bar for noteworthy influencer content grows ever higher. Standing out amidst the cacophony of voices vying for attention requires more than disseminating clichéd counsel. On a platform as esteemed as LinkedIn, a veritable hub for professional networking, simply sharing run-of-the-mill advice is simply not enough.

But fear not, for there exists a roster of experts whose contributions to the platform consistently impress. These top-notch influencers boast a rich history of providing incisive perspectives and catalyzing thought-provoking discussions among their followers. Whether you seek audience engagement strategies or unparalleled industry expertise, here is a roster of the 10 most indispensable influencers to follow on LinkedIn, regardless of your field of work.

1. Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely, the visionary behind SPANX – one of America’s iconic lingerie and body shaper labels, has been making waves as a sterling influencer on LinkedIn. With an unwavering commitment to female empowerment, Blakely’s LinkedIn page is a testament to her personal brand.

Her eclectic content ranges from empowering selfies to thought-provoking pieces on embracing individuality. Blakely’s raw and authentic approach to sharing her personal life is commendable, as she candidly opens up to her followers about everything from the societal pressure to tie the knot to the highs and lows of constructing her business behemoth.

Blakely’s impressive profile demonstrates her unwavering commitment to inspiring and uplifting women in the corporate world.

2. Ben Owen

Ben Owen’s rise to success as the head of a thriving data intelligence company is a story that deserves more than a mere surface-level description. Buried beneath the veneer of a successful entrepreneur is a man who, according to his LinkedIn bio, has overcome incredible adversity and transformed his life.

Owen is a former army veteran who, after hitting rock bottom as an addict and alcoholic, has made it his life’s mission to help those in need. As the founder of BlackRifle Co., he leverages his expertise in data intelligence and behavioral analysis to make a real difference in the world. Whether it’s using technology to track down missing individuals, combatting the insidious threat of human trafficking, or supporting evacuation efforts, Owen is dedicated to using his business to effect positive change.

But Owen’s commitment to humanitarianism extends far beyond the bounds of his company. In his online posts, he fearlessly exposes the realities of army life and rescue operations while sharing powerful messages of hope and inspiration about mental health. By doing so, he showcases the authenticity of his business and demonstrates the deeply personal nature of his volunteer efforts. Through his words and actions, Owen proves that true success is not just measured in financial gain but also in the positive impact one can make in the lives of others.

3. Bruce Merrill

Bruce Merrill, the founder of cleverly – the #1 rated marketing agency on TrustPilot – has a wealth of experience that has taught him a valuable lesson: Mistakes and calculated risks are integral aspects of the entrepreneurial journey. Merrill is passionate about leveraging the power of LinkedIn for lead generation, and he takes great pleasure in sharing the story of how he built it cleverly from the ground up.

Drawing upon his extensive experience and expertise, Merrill shares valuable insights into the workings of LinkedIn, delving into the secrets of successful outreach and lead generation. His first-hand experience, combined with his unwavering commitment to excellence, has made him a sought-after expert in the field of B2B marketing.

Merrill’s unique perspective and wealth of knowledge make him the ideal guide for businesses seeking to optimize their LinkedIn presence and drive lead generation. With his innovative strategies and proven techniques, he is dedicated to helping businesses succeed and thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

4. Matt Gray

Matt Gray’s impressive journey in the business world extends far beyond just founding three successful companies, namely Herb, Bitmaker, and the Founder OS program. He fervently believes in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and has made it his life’s work to aid start-ups with their content strategy and expansion. But his impact extends far beyond his companies. Over the last decade, he has built a thriving community of over 14 million individuals who look up to him for guidance.

Gray’s expertise in the field is well-established, especially on LinkedIn, where he is recognized as a preeminent thought leader and a seasoned industry professional. He provides a wealth of knowledge to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, business executives, and coaches, inspiring them to construct brands that truly reflect their vision and goals.

5. Justin Welsh

As the moniker “The Diversified Solopreneur” suggests, Justin Welsh has established himself as a master of one-person businesses. Despite his early success in constructing companies that generated Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and procuring over $300 million in venture capital, Welsh was eventually left feeling exhausted. This realization led to a radical career change, as he relinquished his high-paying executive position to embark on a new journey.

Welsh only began constructing his LinkedIn persona in 2019, but it wasn’t long before he had accumulated a massive following of over 330,000 individuals. With a wealth of experience as a successful investor, advisor, and mentor, he’s now sharing his insights with other creators, helping them to replicate his success on the platform. Through his articles, he generously offers a glimpse into the strategies that have fueled his growth on LinkedIn.

6. Nick Verity

Nick Verity, the astute CEO of the widely acclaimed lead generation company, cleverly leverages his LinkedIn profile as a means to forge valuable connections with prospective clients. In his engaging bio, he empathizes with B2B business owners regarding the trials and tribulations of procuring credible leads, yet he’s not merely content with sympathy. Instead, he possesses a fervent desire to proffer a potent solution.

Verity’s profile shines a spotlight on the pinnacle of his lead generation firm’s capabilities, demonstrating to potential clients the impact his team can achieve in a mere seven days. He showcases resounding endorsements from past clients, who’ve attested to the exceptional results they’ve experienced.

7. Amy Volas

Rising each day with unwavering determination, Amy Volas sets her sights on a single objective: revolutionizing the SaaS industry’s recruitment process. With a reputation as a visionary business leader, she has a track record of remarkable achievements, including closing over a hundred million dollars worth of deals and founding three successful companies, not to mention being recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in sales.

With a keen eye for innovation, Amy leverages her powerful LinkedIn brand to impart her wealth of knowledge about the complexities of hiring for high-growth SaaS startups. Amy never shies away from sharing her expertise, from unapologetically revealing costly hiring missteps to sharing insightful perspectives on must-know industry trends.

8. Sahil Mansuri

Sahil Mansuri has amassed a diverse array of experiences over the course of his dynamic career. He has truly done everything from his involvement in Barack Obama’s historic 2008 presidential campaign to commanding sales divisions at Glassdoor. And now, he stands tall as the visionary CEO of Bravado – the globetrotting hub for sales professionals, boasting the title of the largest B2B sales community on earth.

His unwavering passion for sales shines through in the content he shares on his LinkedIn page, where he candidly opines on the future of the industry and proffers expert insights on the latest trends. But he also knows how to inject a touch of humor, occasionally taking a break from his insightful musings to share a humorous meme or two aimed at poking fun at the world of marketing.

9. Jess Mah

Meet Jess Mah, a prodigious entrepreneur who, despite being just in middle school, was already busy constructing six-figure businesses. Today, her portfolio boasts companies worth a staggering $500 million and comprises of inDinero, a leading accounting and tax firm. Astonishing Labs, a cutting-edge biotech startup, and Mahway, a venture builder. Jess’s achievements have not gone unnoticed; she has been featured in the prestigious Forbes and Inc 30 Under 30 lists.

On her LinkedIn page, which boasts an impressive following of nearly 40,000, Jess shares candid tales of her initial missteps as a young entrepreneur, offering a rare glimpse into the trials and tribulations of building a successful business from scratch. Her candid, thought-provoking insights inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools and knowledge to launch their ventures.

10. Jason M. Lemkin

Jason M. Lemkin is a man of many hats and hefty responsibilities. He heads the largest community for B2B and SaaS founders, SaaStr, and simultaneously holds the position of managing director at a $90 million venture capital firm that invests in early-stage enterprises.

However, despite his impressive achievements, Lemkin’s passion lies in a different realm. Through his LinkedIn profile, he sheds light on what truly drives him – helping individuals reach their full potential. As stated in his bio, his mission is to assist, establish, finance, and propel the growth of B2B startups. Lemkin generously shares some of the most valuable insights on his page, encompassing everything from adding a dash of fun to the process to knowledge crucial for all first-time CEOs.

How to Be a Top LinkedIn Influencer

When one peruses this list, the reasons for the rise of these influencers become evident. Establishing a brand on a congested platform like LinkedIn requires a formidable voice and unparalleled commentary.

Contrary to popular belief, the key to success on the platform is not always rooted in one’s business acumen. Rather, those who can offer insightful advice, create authentic content, and foster a genuine connection with their followers rise to the top as LinkedIn influencers.

Aspiring to join their ranks? Our article, “How To Become A LinkedIn Influencer,” provides a roadmap to harnessing the lead-generating potential of the world’s largest professional network.
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