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LinkedIn Showcase Page: Strategies You Need To Adopt

LinkedIn Showcase Page: Strategies You Need To Adopt

LinkedIn has always been the most popular social media platform for professionals to reach out to leads and speak to the target audience. But if you’ve ever felt like you’re generalizing your messaging too much, as if your content strategy is all over the place trying to be diverse, you are not alone. Most businesses have more than one type of audience, targeting at least two or three different niches at any given time. LinkedIn showcase pages are proven to be a brilliant place to highlight a particular side of your brand, mainly when it’s business-related. Around 90% of professionals have chosen LinkedIn as their platform for professionally relevant content. Showcase pages are simply additions or extensions to a LinkedIn company page that enable us to feature and share our company’s products and services. If someone has multiple brands, products, or services, they can create more than one showcase page in addition to the company page. Basically, LinkedIn lets you create up to 10 pages, listing all of them on the right column of your company page. This fantastic feature still adds no value to your business unless you update your content as attractive as possible to develop a strong connection with your audiences.

Unfortunately, some people hardly pay much attention when creating company showcase pages. Generally, showcase pages with creative and complete information tend to have more audience. You will find many blogs or articles about creating a showcase page. So, read on prospectengine.com‘s handbook to know what to keep in mind while designing and running one.

Pick up a unique name

Be specific with the name you decide for your page. It has to be unique but simple. An effective way is to put your name up front and add a short description afterward. For example, you can use your company name as the prefix and follow it up with the specific keywords of the underlying service or product.

Explain your objectives in clear words

Where a good name draws people’s attention, a tagline tells them what to expect from this page. Describe your objectives concisely, along with the type of content you plan to share there.

Don’t miss any basic details

LinkedIn reports that pages with all criteria completed receive 30 percent more weekly views. But there are so many showcase pages that actually miss out on brief details sections. Therefore, though it sounds obvious, try to add each and every info they require.

Choose an impactful hero image

Such a loss of opportunity as a considerable number of showcase pages skip this part and keep the default image. Hero images on Showcase Pages are larger in size than those on Company and Profile pages. Hence be sure to take advantage of the extra space. Images have to be at least 974×330 pixels in size.

Keep posting relevant content

LinkedIn has 15x more content impressions than job postings, nine billion content impressions, to be precise. Showcase pages are all about showcasing an aspect of your brand, so make sure you only do that. And don’t forget to post regularly. LinkedIn research shows that pages that post weekly get double engagements with content. Try to keep your caption copy to 150 words or less. You may use LinkedIn Analytics to get a sense of how much audience overlap you have.

Engage more people with polls and videos

Studies say that LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to reshare video posts. Videos are five times more likely to start a conversation than any other type of content on LinkedIn. To get more engagement from less effort, you can try LinkedIn native videos. LinkedIn algorithm likes native stuff more than shared links and rewards accordingly.

Take advantage of the page limit

LinkedIn allows you to host up to 10 Showcase Pages at a time. That’s ten different personas you can target. So just some quality content and proper strategies will result in massive traffic to your website only if you take the chance.

Don’t forget to link back relevant landing page of your website

It is an excellent opportunity to direct some traffic to your company website. If the Showcase Page is about any specific service or product, consider linking back to a relevant landing page on your site. It could be a blog published on your website or even a product you are selling.

Ensure best SEO practices

Showcase pages are surprisingly SEO-friendly. The better you optimize your page, using industry-specific keywords, the more audiences you will get. Therefore the pages will definitely be indexed by search engines with a higher rank

Build community

LinkedIn showcase pages are all about connecting like-minded people. Grab this opportunity. Connect people who are more likely to use the specific kind of products or services you are showcasing, and it will attract more people from the same ground.

Crafting a showcase page makes a huge difference, so make sure you plan every ins and outs before creating one. Compelling content, regular updates, solid visual and active social media engagement result in a powerful showcase page, and with the right target, it’s bound to grow your audiences.

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